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Medical Rewind 12-28-2015

Get ready to learn things not traditionally taught to medical doctors!
Some of the things you will hear Dr. Buttar and Robert talk about in this week’s show are:

  • We’re in-between holidays today which may be the perfect time to think about creating your life anew before the New Year Arrives! Among your resolutions, perhaps a good expenditure of time would be to re-read “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away!” With each new component you add to the steps, you will likely be repaid a thousand-fold in healthy returns. How? It turns out that your healthy steps are cumulative and additive in a good way. The opposite is also true – the detrimental things also build on one another.


  • A new observational study published in the medical journal Vaccine confirms that more vaccines are more dangerous than one. 1 + 1 + 1 does not equal 3 when it comes to the toxic injections. Much the same way that the LD1 of mercury and the LD1 of lead does not equal an LD2, but an LD100! LD stands for lethal dose, by the way. How will we ever undo the damage? Of course, the best way is to never do the damage in the first place. What’s the key to cancer? Preventing it in the first place from ever occurring.


  • Is there a shift happening in favor of real prevention? WE recently learned that Ireland is pushing back against the HPV vaccine mandate, much to the chagrin of Merck and GSK. How is this possible? For starters, Ireland does not protect vaccine manufacturers from lawsuit should their product injure or kill. This has caused the people and politicians of Ireland to be much more cognizant of the very real adverse events happening after Gardasil injections.


  • Are the symptoms that follow routine (or mandatory) vaccination merely coincidental? Can using the word COINCIDENCE turn your spider senses off to the very real relationship between injecting toxins and negative health outcomes? How’s that programming working for you?


  • The CIA popularized the negative response to the term conspiracy theorist in much the same way you are supposed to dismiss anything your doctor calls coincidence. Is 2016 the year you muck up their programming?


  • What of the cancer causing chemicals on your kid’s school playground? Controversy is growing over the use of recycled rubber tires and the chemicals they release as your children play on the spongy material. Senators are calling for EPA investigations. While we would not say that playground bounciness is the cause of cancer, it certainly should be considered as an accumulating carcinogen. Is it all too much to consider? What’s the point, if everything causes cancer? Why bother? That kind of response rests fairly low on the survival scale.


  • If you intend to help the next generations, you must first be willing to help yourself. It’s called love. Vitamin L must first be given to yourself, or ultimately, you may be less than capable in helping others. Could that be a clue to another powerful New Year’s resolution? Howard Zinn once said that the problem is not civil disobedience, but too much civil obedience. Let your conscience (connected to a higher power) be your guide.


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