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Advanced Medicine Radio Show | 12-10-2018

Get ready to learn things not traditionally taught to medical doctors!
Some of the things you will hear Dr. Buttar and Robert talk about in this week’s show are:


Could inflammation be the core cause of all chronic disease? – A lot of blame is passed around when talking about illness. You’ve probably heard a lot of common beliefs about what causes disease – some true and some a bit misinformed. For example, it’s often said that eating too much sugar causes diabetes, spending too much time in the sun causes skin cancer, and eating fatty foods will give you heart disease. The human body is complex, and it makes sense that different diseases will have different causes, but some experts believe that all diseases might begin with a single core cause: inflammation. This idea actually makes a lot of sense if you follow health news. We are constantly hearing that inflammation causes cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes, to name just a few. While these illnesses manifest themselves in different ways and affect different parts of the body, is it possible that a single problem could be responsible for so many different negative outcomes?


Over a million people DIE from chemotherapy every year, but only 750,000 pass away from cancer – what’s WRONG with this picture?  – Chemical warfare on humanity was launched nearly a century ago by the American Medical Association when they eliminated nutrition classes from medical colleges and approval-stamped any chemical medication that came down the pike as the drug of choice for whatever ailment any doctor chose to manage for their “patients for life.” Then came processed foods, vaccines, chemotherapy, and GMOs to fuel the fire of preventable disease epidemics in America. Pay if forward to 2001 – 2018, and we’ve seen nearly 19 million deaths from chemotherapy, not cancer, when only roughly 750,000 Americans are dying from cancer itself each year. The math tells you to never even try chemotherapy, but who knows the real death statistics that aren’t published on the boob tube (TV), via Google, or discussed at the gloom-n-doom centers (cancer institutions) around the country?


Flu Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Infecting Others by 6-Fold, StudyA provocative new study on flu virustransmission found that subjects had 6.3 times more aerosol shedding of flu virus particles if they received vaccination in the current and previous season compared with having no vaccination in those two seasons Vaccination is predicated on the rarely questioned belief that it confers bona fide immunity against targeted pathogens. This is why the terms vaccination and immunization are often used interchangeably, a disingenious semantic confusion that is rarely confronted or corrected. In the case of flu vaccine, certainty about this approximates religious faith, with the CDC taking on the role of the Church, conventional doctors the clergy, and the published literature Holy Scripture. But what if the literature fails to support the orthodoxy? There are in, in fact, hundreds of examples of this. We have gathered a modest 500 studies which show the untintended, adverse effects of many vaccines outweigh their purported benefits, all of which you can view on our open access database on the topic here:


Study: 8 In 10 Adults Lie To Their Doctors About Their Health – Despite the guaranteed confidentiality and even though it could potentially put one’s health at risk, a new study finds that as many as eight in 10 people lie to their doctors about their health. Researchers conducted two surveys and discovered that about 80 percent of younger and middle-aged adults aren’t completely honest with their physicians, while about 60 percent of baby boomers misrepresent themselves. What’s more, about a third of respondents admitted they didn’t speak up when they didn’t agree with their doctor’s treatment plan or recommendation. “If patients are withholding information about what they’re eating, or whether they are taking their medication, it can have significant implications for their health. Especially if they have a chronic illness,” says the study’s first author, Andrea Gurmankin Levy, an associate professor in social sciences at Middlesex Community College in Connecticut, in a news release.


The farm-milk effect on trial – Erika von Mutius studies the impact of environmental factors in early childhood on allergy and asthma risk. She is now planning a large-scale trial of the beneficial role of unprocessed milk, which will involve thousands of children. Erika von Mutius is a pediatrician and immunologist, but she has also become well versed in many aspects of food processing. She and others have carried out a number of studies, which have shown that children who drink unprocessed cow’s milk are less likely to develop allergies and asthma than children who are given the sort of sterilized milk one finds in supermarkets. To develop a means of verifying this observation in a controlled trial, von Mutius has delved into the details of industrial milk processing. “Direct consumption of raw milk as a precaution against allergies cannot be recommended, as untreated milk may contain pathogenic microorganisms,” she points out. To bypass this complication, she persuaded a dairy cooperative to develop a gentler and more discriminating approach to milk processing, with the aim of preserving as many of its health-promoting properties as possible while removing potentially dangerous bacteria.




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