This week on Medical Rewind with Dr. Rashid A. Buttar and Robert Scott Bell, the topics are broad and enlightening.

  • Where is the Do No Harm principle in modern medicine? Certainly, vaccines do not fit that bill. We’ll discuss the connection between disarming the population and the assault on our immune system of licensed physicians. How will they stop crime before it occurs? Could the pre-crime division of law enforcement really extend beyond the pages of Huxleyan science fiction? Is the government really protecting us to death?
  • Dr. Buttar weighs in on the startling revelation that vaccines are actually non-specific and cross reactive! What might this mean for the future of medicine?
  • Are vaccines the new #1 cause of cancer?
  • Can you shock and awe your immune system to productivity? We’ll get beyond the principle of misery as it may stimulate some to do things differently. Could suffering be a good teacher?