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Medical Rewind 1-9-2017

Get ready to learn things not traditionally taught to medical doctors!
Some of the things you will hear Dr. Buttar and Robert talk about in this week’s show are:


  • Today we’ll discuss the dilemma of the Cleveland Clinic doctor who wrote and op ed about avoiding toxins in 2017. He was all good until he mentioned vaccines and autism in the same article. They have since pulled the article down and forced him to apologize for what he wrote with threat of fines and sanctions. See what the controversy is all about by reading his article here. How desperate are the vaccine-worshipping medical authoritarians? The irony is that their extreme reaction to a well-qualified doctor speaking his mind is going to result in many more people waking up to the injectionable ruse.


  • Are you living in conflict with that which you know to be true? This is the heart of the dilemma facing most doctors who vaccinate, despite knowing the danger. This is the spiritual toxicity that Dr. Buttar writes about in The 9 Steps To Keep the Doctor Away. There is evidence that this cognitive dissonance has an expiration date? The outrageous attacks on medical professional who dare to speak the truth and get “Wakefielded.” It becomes more obvious by the day that the population-reduction globalists are losing their minds trying to keep the truth about vaccines away from the public.


  • Where did medicine go wrong? It’s not because of their toxic drugs; it’s because the profession divorced itself from Spirit. Yes, spirituality is at the heart of healing, not molecular reductionist atheistic thought forms. The doctor-patient relationship is supposed to be a sacred relationship, not to be interfered with by 3rd parties with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest.




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