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Medical Rewind 10-24-2016

Get ready to learn things not traditionally taught to medical doctors!
Some of the things you will hear Dr. Buttar and Robert talk about in this week’s show are:


  • Researchers at the University of Vienna have discovered new details about how cells dispose of waste products in a new study. The study, published in the journal Molecular Cell, builds on previous scholarship by Yoshinori Ohsumi, which identified autophagy as the process by which cells rid themselves of viruses, bacteria and damaged material. According to the research team’s new findings, the key protein utilized in the process known as Atg1 is regulated in both space and time.



  • In type 1 diabetes, the immune system attacks the pancreas and destroys its insulin-producing cells.Patients often develop other immune system diseases, too. Indeed, in the current study, 27 percent of patients had at least one other autoimmune disorder.



  • Anti-inflammatory drugs might someday treat depression?  Based on previous findings about depression, the team looked at the side effects experienced by patients given anti-cytokine drugs in 20 separate studies. All the participants had chronic autoimmune inflammatory diseases, which occur when healthy cells are mistaken for infected cells, causing the immune system to attack the body and leading to inflammation. Anti-cytokine drugs “dampen down inflammation by blocking the actions of specific inflammatory cytokines … with ‘surgical precision’ and are now routinely used for treating patients who respond inadequately to standard treatments for inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and Crohn’s disease both in the US and Europe,” explained Dr. Golam Khandaker, a clinical lecturer in Cambridge’s department of psychiatry and lead author of the new study.



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