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Merriam – Webster’s dictionary defines the word “Advanced” as the following: a : being beyond others in progress or ideas,  b : being beyond the elementary or introductory,  c : greatly developed beyond an initial stage,  d : much evolved from an early ancestral type.  Advanced Medicine is Medicine that is “beyond others in progress and ideas”, “beyond the elementary or introductory”, “greatly developed” and “much evolved”.  It is the medicine of the Future, today.  Simply stated, it is Medicine that is Advanced and ahead of its time!  To prove these are not just great marketing slogans for us and to show you the evidence of our Advanced Medicine philosophy in action, watch the video on this page.   

Although many have begun to use the cliche of “searching for the underlying causes”, the fact is that virtually all philosophies of medicine, health, and wellness, ignore this essential core element of determining the underlying causation of disease. This underlying cause is instead forgotten to be addressed, becoming the symptoms of the problem. Regardless of the type of intervention used to address the symptoms, whether it be pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals, surgery or herbs, invasive treatments or vitamins, failure to address the causation will result in an abysmal failure. And that is what has become of the current medical paradigm.

The philosophy that guides Advanced Medicine.com is based on the philosophy and treatment protocols of Dr. Rashid A. Buttar. This philosophy is based on the premise that all disease begins with the 7 Toxicities, all of which increase oxidative stress and result in pathology (or disease). The key to this philosophy is that if you can “effectively” (effectively being the key operative word) detoxify the body by reducing or eliminating all 7 of these toxicities, chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative disease, etc, by definition can NOT exist.

Over the last 2 decades, Dr. Buttar and his colleagues have tirelessly worked and have proven the validity of this philosophy, with accumulation of hundreds of case reports of patients from 89 countries, and video documentation proof of patients before and after undergoing his treatment protocols. On this site, you will now be able to witness many of these results first hand. But more importantly, you will now have the opportunity to experience some of the possible health benefits if you choose to engage with these life-changing options. Watch the introduction video above to learn why you may have just found the most important website in the world when it comes to optimizing your health. Welcome to Advanced Medicine and to the new beginning of the rest of your life!

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